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Welcome to the basicNETS web site.

This site is a personal project for John and Rebecca Sullivan. We have created this web site for two reasons.


  1. To share information with our friends and families
  2. To store information that we need to access from many locations

For Family/Friends

The links bellow will take you to pages that we feel may be of interest to you.


John's Links

These links take you to information that John uses in the course of the day.


Web Sites I created



The information on this web site is provided for as is and no warranty or guarantee of accuracy is given. If you use the information on this web site, whatever happens is down to you.

MoHo Media Streamer - Kodi

  •  Type "apt-get update && apt-get install kodi"

MoHo Media Streamer - Kodi

  •  Type "apt-get update && apt-get install kodi"
  •  Ensure that /etc/boot/config.txt has the following entries:
    • start_x=1
  • Run the following command to create a "kodi" user
    • adduser kodi
  • Add the Kodi user to the right groups to control the hardware
    • usermod -a -G audio,video,input,dialout,plugdev,netdev,users,cdrom,tty kodi
  • Create a Service file to start Kodi automatically/lib/systemd/system/kodi.service
    Description = Kodi Media Center
    After = remote-fs.target network-online.target
    Wants = network-online.target
    User = kodi
    Group = kodi
    Type = simple
    ExecStart = /usr/bin/kodi
    Restart = on-abort
    RestartSec = 5
    WantedBy = multi-user.target
  • Allow the service to start automatically:
    systemctl enable kodi.service


  • How To
    A Selection of instruction John uses to do things with computers.  You are welcom to use them for reference but I take no responsibilty for any problems/damage/loss of business their use may cause.  You need to apply your own understanding with these instructions!
    • ADSL

      Information related to ADSL in the UK.

    • FreeBSD

      A Selection of Articles to do with FreeBSD.

    • Technology

      This section of my web site relates to the technology used inside the things that we buy and use.

    • ITIL Resources

      I am currently studying for ITIL certification.  This section of this web site contains links to information that I have found useful.

    • Raspberry Pi Projects

      Category to hold Raspberry Pi Projects

  • David & Lucy's Wedding

    Information about David and Lucy's wedding

    • Speeches

      Speeches made at David & Lucy's wedding.

    • Stag Do

      Information about David's Stag Do

  • Links

    Links to web sites that I have found interesting, useful or had a hand in creating.